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Silly Symphony Songs
This set could be considered the finest
example of it's kind in existance!


"Silly Symphony Songs: Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney Silly Symphony Motion Pictures"
RCA Victor 1934

The World of Gramophones is proud to open this section of it's site to exhibit some of the worlds rarest records. This section is open to single or multiple record sets. For the first edition we gladly display one of the finest and rarest children's record sets to be still left on mother earth. This extremely rare set of three (3) 7" black and white shellac picture discs has long been considered by collectors of vintage (78rpm) children's records (and in particular "picture-discs) the "holy grail". From the first time Mickey Mouse squeaked on the screen in "Steamboat Willie" (1928) to the soaring musical score of "Dinosaur", the history of Disney has gone hand in hand with music.

Outer Envelope

Record Sleeve
Barely five years after "breaking the sound barrier" in "Steamboat Willie", Mickey Mouse and his cartoon gang made the move into the infant field of commercial audio recordings for the home. This featured "" vintage record set was the first music from Disney films put on records. Recorded by Frank Luther on November 3 & 10, 1933, the set was issued in 1934. Each record came in it's own individual sleeve.

An outer "master" envelope held the three individual records. It is rare enough to find any one of these records, let alone all three in one place, especially in very fine condition. Even more remote is the possibility of obtaining a complete set in wonderful condition with all of the sleeves intact. Illustrated here, from the collection of Peter Muldavin (aka "The Kiddie Rekord King") is just such a rare find--all three records in near mint condition with all the sleeves.

If you have a record or record set worthy of being on this page e-mail us!

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